About Us

THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City is a family owned and operated company.  That has been in the flooring and construction industry for more than 100 years collectively.

Service and Price: The owners and staff of THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City pride themselves in providing Personal and Professional  Services with products that will add value to your project at an incredibly competitive prices.

Interior Design Services: THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City’s staff will work with customers to bring their design needs together to meet individuals taste and budgets.

Helping the Do-it-yourselfers: The staff at THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City will be glad to help customers with installation questions and procedures.  People that attend classes at the big box stores for the DIY projects get home and tend to have trouble, because when they get home their project doesn't look the same as in the class they had attended.  There are reasons to use THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City over other stores and some of these reasons have been listed in Labor and Installation section.

This is why THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City offers in home training and starter services, for a minimal charge a installer that has been trained and is proficient to install the project comes to your home, to help lay out the project.  The installer under cuts the door jambs if needed and gets the customer started installing their project.

THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City provides services for:

Residential installations on a day-to-day basis in the following counties listed below in no specific order of importance: Columbia, Suwannee, Hamilton Lafayette, Gilchrist, Union, Alachua, Bradford, Madison and Baker counties.

Commercial Projects normally do not extend past the following stats: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Commercial Project Completed: Kenny Rogers Rotisserie, Hollywood Video, Road House Grills, Original Steak Houses, Cracker Barrel, Screwy Louies, John Smith Subs and Red Lobster.

We at THE FLOORING ZONE  of Lake City would like to invite you in and take a look around, we enjoy meeting and getting to know new people.