Helping the Do-it-yourselfers: The staff at THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City will be glad to help customers with installation questions and procedures on the wide verity of first quality products we sell.

BIG BOX Woos People that attend classes at the big box stores for the DIY projects get home and tend to have trouble, this is caused by when they get home and their project doesn't look the same as in the class they had attended.  When the customer tries to contact the person who had give the class at the Big Box Store to ask specific questions about their project.  They may have different issues to deal with.

When they call the Big Box Store the customer tends to have trouble finding the person who had given the class they attended (not scheduled to work when they called).  The person that had given the demonstration may have only been trained to demonstrate that product in the class situation and may not be a trained to install in the field.  The associate that works in the department that their project had came from may not be a trained to install the products they sell.  This can leave the customer on their own to work out the problems until they can contact someone to help them with their project needs or hire an independent installer to install their projects for them.

THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City generally has someone at the store that is able to install the product we sell, most of the sales staff at THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City has installation knowledge and will be able to walk you through step-by-step with the information needed to install the products we sell.  This is why  THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City offers in home training and starter services to their customers, for a minimal charge a installer that has been trained and is proficient to install the project from start to finish comes to your home.  They help you the customer lay out your project to meet your needs.  The installer will under cut the door jambs as needed and gets you the customer started installing their project.  The installer is there to help you get started not install the project for you.

The in home training and starter service requires you to have all the tools and supplies needed to install your project.  The only tools that will be brought to the job if needed is the under cut saw and moister meters to test the slab moister when applicable to your project.

THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City has tools that can be rented and or barrowed if for some reason we do not have the needed tools we recommend going to The Grand Rental Station for rentals, they offer 1/2 day and weekend rental along with weekly rental options.

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